Features of this live stream

Thank always for watching this live channel.
This live stream has been broadcasting the earthquake-related general information in real time since 2012 under the purpose of disaster mitigation and lifesaving, using Tohoku Earthquake in 2011 as a lesson.
(Note that the earthquake information available here is limited to Japanese area and information for other area is not offered at this moment)
<Caution on the audio setting>
Sometimes, BGM is played in this live stream (not always).
Please note that as the BGM volume is set to very low, the earthquake alert produces a mega-volume if the BGM volume on your PC was set to maximum.  
・The real-time earthquake information is also available from this Twitter.
Please follow our account.
Also, please read “Tokyo Bousai (Tokyo Disaster Prevention)” that was distributed to all Tokyo citizens. It’s free and is very informative.
<Notes for when writing on a chat>
When writing on a chat, please note that comments that might cause discomfort to other people, such as discriminatory terms, restricted words in broadcast standards, false rumors without any routes and criminal declaration, will be deleted. The navigation to other site/channel as well as the advertisement will be treated likewise. 
<When the earthquake was registered a magnitude of 6 or more in Japan>
Chat screen will become a real-time information board for sharing the damage state and lifesaving information.
There will be a temporal delay before you will be able to write on a chat.
Please add your comment to indicate the location when you felt the quake (ex. @xxx)
Please refrain yourself from making any other comments until the situation is settled down.
Note that the reports that are significantly different from the facts will be deleted.
<Features of this live stream>
・You will be notified with the video and audio when the earthquake alert for a tremor with an intensity of 4 to 6 on the Japanese seen-stage seismic scale was triggered.
・When the countdown (with audio) is given, it will be referencing the countdown for Nakano-ku of Tokyo.
(The different countdown time will be applied depending on the location of your residence.)
・The green point located in the bottom left on the Japanese map indicates the tremor of the ground.
The more intense the shake gets, the closer to red the green dot becomes.
The criterion of the waveform for each area is set to 2gal but often picks up small quake which people cannot feel so it may pick up vibrations in daily life as well.
Daily checking of the waveform will give you an idea on the characteristics of the waveform in your area.
・When you hear the announcement “in ground count increased…”, it means that the ground strain of that area is high, meaning there’s high possibility of earthquake in the future.
(It is not always the case)
(Stay cautious if the multiple announcements were made for the same are for certain period of time)
・When tidal wave warning was given and the display showed TV screen, please run toward the high place.
(TV screen will be displayed when it requires urgent attention)
▼Displaying the real-time radiological dosage (bottom right on the screen)▼
=>Number displayed is the average number of β ray and γ ray ramped together.
It usually shows around 0.07μSv/h.
When it shows 0.15 or more, it means there is high concentration of radiation from nuclear plant and such, so please put on a mask and stay in the house with all doors and windows closed. After things get calmed down, evacuate to other safe area.
=>The radiation monitoring applies to Nakano-ku of Tokyo.
The same value of radiation dosage applies to Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa.
=>We use the environment monitoring device made by Polimaster.
※Please note that the audio volume becomes larger in case of the earthquake alert.

※In case the life-threatening disaster occurs, we may broadcast a news flash simultaneously